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Premium Indian Mutton - Curry Cut


Regular Price AED 30.00 Special Price AED 24.00

Fresh Indian Mutton - curry cut is the fat-trimmed,  goat meat from the hind legs cut into thick pieces. You can make stews, curries, biryani, mutton ...

Green Chilly (Less spicy)


Regular Price AED 1.45 Special Price AED 0.95

Aanacart Iranian green chilli non spicy is tasteless. It is used as garnish in dishes. Green chillies LESS SPCIY are loaded with ANTIOXIDANTS, that...

Barracuda/ Cheelavu (Medium) (500gm+) - Whole Uncleaned


Regular Price AED 10.49 Special Price AED 7.99

The barracuda, or cuda for short, is a sizable, ray-finned fish that is feared for both its intimidating look and aggressive behavior. The only genus...

Barracuda/ Cheelavu (Medium) (1Kg+) - Curry Cut (With Head Pieces)

Regular Price AED 11.00 Special Price AED 8.50

Barracuda/ Cheelavu (Medium) (1Kg+) - Curry Cut (With Head Pieces) Net Weight : 350g. Gross Weight: 500g.

Black Pomfret/ Karutha Avoli (Large) (800g+) - Curry Cut (Skin On)

Regular Price AED 28.99 Special Price AED 19.99

Black Promfert/ Karutha Avoli (Large) (800g+) - Curry Cut (Skin On) Net Weight : 375g. Gross Weight : 500g.

Sea Blue Crab 350g+ - Whole Uncleaned


Regular Price AED 14.49 Special Price AED 11.99

Fresh blue crabs have sweet, delicate flavour and tender meat. They are cooked, boiled, steamed, fried, grilled, fire- roasted, smoked and barbequed to...

Premium Indian Mutton - Biriyani Cut


Regular Price AED 32.50 Special Price AED 24.99

Aanacart Premium Mutton - Biryani Cut is the meat of goat, from its chest, shoulders, fore and hind limbs cut for making biryani, bred locally in UAE.

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