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Longan Fruit Box

Regular Price AED 45.00 Special Price AED 40.00
1 box

1Box Contains 2Packs.       High in antioxidants. Antioxidants help battle free radicals in your body that damage cells and lead to disease. Are...

Valencia Oranges

South Africa

Regular Price AED 3.38 Special Price AED 1.88

Orange Valencia is the perfect orange for juicing because of their full balanced sweet flavor, succulent flesh, and bright-colored pulps and juice.

Chinese Cabbage


Regular Price AED 10.50 Special Price AED 7.50
1 piece

1Piece contains 800g-1.2Kg.     Vitamin K and Calcium in Chinese cabbage play an important role of keeping the teeth and bones strong. Rich source...

Green Chilly (Less spicy)


Regular Price AED 1.50 Special Price AED 1.20

Aanacart Iranian green chilli non spicy is tasteless. It is used as garnish in dishes. Green chillies LESS SPCIY are loaded with ANTIOXIDANTS, that...

Jumbo Aspargus


Regular Price AED 32.95 Special Price AED 29.95
1 pack

ASPARGUS is LOW in CALORIES but boasts an impressive nutrient profile. Help meet your FIBER needs and keep your DIGESTIVE system HEALTHY. Excellent...

Red Pumpkin / Mathan


Regular Price AED 3.75 Special Price AED 2.25

Yellow pumpkin is a selectively bred yellow gourd. Its flesh has a soft texture with a mild, earthy, and slightly sweet flavour. The flesh is perfect...

Snow Peas


Regular Price AED 10.50 Special Price AED 7.50
1 pack

1Pack contains 250g. snow peas provide, you can optimize your digestive processes. Vitamin A is a critical element in our vision health, as this potentially...

Kingfish Steaks (Small)


Regular Price AED 34.88 Special Price AED 17.53

Aanacart king fishes are sport fishes found close to the bottom of tropical seashores. Moist and firm texture makes it ideal for baking, searing, grilling...

Premium Indian Mutton - Biriyani Cut


Regular Price AED 32.50 Special Price AED 26.99

Aanacart Premium Mutton - Biryani Cut is the meat of goat, from its chest, shoulders, fore and hind limbs cut for making biryani, bred locally in UAE.