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Chicken Samosa (20g) - Pack of 12

Regular Price AED 12.00 Special Price AED 7.99
1 pack

You'll fall in love with this triangle..! Chicken Samosas are typically savory and can be filled with chicken and freshveggies. It’s a perfect addition...

Yellow Cucumber / Vellari


Regular Price AED 9.50 Special Price AED 7.50
1 piece

600g -750g per Pcs Yellow cucumber is a vegetable, yellow in color, available in parts of India. This versatile cucumber is sweet and flavourful. ...

Baby Potatoes


Regular Price AED 4.50 Special Price AED 3.50

Baby potatoes are picked before reaching maturity. A wide variety of potato recipes incorporate freshly boiled, baked, and fried potatoes: mashed potatoes...

Kingfish Steaks (Small)


Regular Price AED 28.13 Special Price AED 24.38

Aanacart king fishes are sport fishes found close to the bottom of tropical seashores. Moist and firm texture makes it ideal for baking, searing, grilling...

Kingfish/ Seer Fish (Large) - 2.5+ Kg - Whole Uncleaned


Regular Price AED 199.98 Special Price AED 152.48
1 piece

Kingfish is rich in protein and a good source of Omega-3, a vital dietary oil that supports a healthy heart and immune system and lowers the risk of...