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Snow Peas


Regular Price AED 9.50 Special Price AED 7.50
1 pack

1Pack contains 250g. snow peas provide, you can optimize your digestive processes. Vitamin A is a critical element in our vision health, as this potentially...

Ivy gourd / tindly


Regular Price AED 2.88 Special Price AED 2.38

Ivy Gourd is a fruit used as a vegetable with white flesh and seeds with a mildly bitter taste, sweet when it matures. It is used in soups and curries...

Tomato Bunch


Regular Price AED 4.25 Special Price AED 3.25

Fresh Tomato from Azerbaijan has a special quality and taste. Tomatoes are edible berries produced by tomato plants. Tomatoes contain umami flavours...

Beans Sprouts


Regular Price AED 3.50 Special Price AED 3.00

BEANS SPROUTS are a crunchy, satisfying ingredient used in everything from salads to noodle soups. May help prevent and treat HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. ...

Premium Indian Mutton - Biriyani Cut


Regular Price AED 32.50 Special Price AED 26.99

Aanacart Premium Mutton - Biryani Cut is the meat of goat, from its chest, shoulders, fore and hind limbs cut for making biryani, bred locally in UAE.